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Volunteer at Meda

Meda’s business consulting services are augmented by a wide network of professionals who volunteers their time to help our clients succeed. Meda volunteers have expertise in many areas and Meda’s corporate support network helps locate the right expertise at the right time. They provide immense value to Meda clients and Meda itself. You can join our force of expert volunteers by responding to postings on our website and in our newsletter. The following case studies show how volunteers can help:

When Jorge Mendoza came to Meda, he had wonderfully creative ideas on how to grow papayas. With little English and basic business training from Neighborhood Development Center (NDC), Jorge sought additional resources and technical assistance. Meda matched him up with an attorney at Fredrikson & Byron, who soon began working with him for more than a year to pursue a patent for Jorge’s unusual idea. Now an executive from Cargill is advising Jorge on next steps.

Manny’s Tortas became a Meda Pacesetter client and began to develop comprehensive and strategic plans for growing his business. He needed to complete a marketing plan that include new graphic designs and materials. A crew of five professional food photographers from General Mills spent a day with Manny and his torta (Mexican sandwich) to produce appetizing photos of his signature food.

Elsworth Menswear in downtown Minneapolis had found a market niche to serve discerning men with their business attire but his location wasn’t the best. He didn’t draw enough foot traffic. Two marketing pros from Target banded together to give him advice on a marketing plan to bring more business to his door.

While many of our volunteer needs fall in legal and financial areas, right now our clients have needs in website design, grocery inventory control, and marketing strategies.

Mentor Program

Based on the proven values of the mentoring process, Meda’s Mentor Program aims to give entrepreneurs of color the chance to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Twin Cities CEOs and other corporate executives as well as other entrepreneurs. The process involves ascertaining the needs of the clients and then linking them with executives who have expertise and interests that match these needs.

If you would like to volunteer and help our clients succeed, please Contact Jan Jordet at (612) 259-6566 or or sign up for our newsletter to hear about new volunteer opportunities.