The Pacesetter Program is our flagship program. It is a comprehensive and intensive look at existing businesses owned by entrepreneurs of color that show high potential for rapid growth and job creation. The program’s goal is to enhance the growth and profitability of that business – filling in the gaps of knowledge or financing, organizational infrastructure and internal systems.

The program is designed to move an entrepreneur to the position of CEO – teaching delegation, organizational development, human resource skills and financial management. It is by building businesses of scale that true systemic change will occur.

From producing cash flow projections to pursuing venture capital, the Pacesetter Program provides advanced business consulting services to a leading group of entrepreneurs of color, which in turn become larger employers and contributors to Meda. We have fifteen active Pacesetter companies as of today. One newer development in this area is through relationship building with community and neighborhood organizations, two of our newest Pacesetters were referred from Neighborhood Development Center and Latino Economic Development Center.