In a tight economy, access to financing for operations and expansions is especially important for minority business stability and growth. Meda's Loan Program helps clients by providing access to funding which otherwise might not be available through traditional lending resources.

Meda consultants can assist in developing a loan package to present to potential funders, which may or may not include the Meda loan program. In every circumstance, Meda looks for the very best rates and terms for our clients.


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MNDOT Working Capital Loan Fund (WCLF)

The WCLF provides short-term financing to DBE's (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) to help complete eligible Mn/DOT projects.

WCLF financing is for businesses that are financially healthy, but cannot obtain adequate financing from private lending institutions.

Meda manages and administers the WCLF for Mn/DOT in conjunction with Meda's other lending programs. Learn More